Pinolo Gelato

Pisa-born Sandro Paolini opened his gelateria on the first day of summer in 2015, and there’s been a line down the block ever since. Using traditional methods and the best ingredients, Sandro and his team offer a steady supply of fresh fruit sorbettos and classic Italian gelato flavors like fiore di latte, cioccolotto, and a hazelnut that puts all others to shame.

After spending a few years in the US, where he learned English working on organic farms and in restaurants, Sandro apprenticed himself to a master gelato maker in his hometown, immersing himself in the history and techniques of traditional Italian gelato-making. Sandro’s background in farming and agriculture– he comes from a long line of sheep farmers and has a degree in forestry– gives him special insight when it comes to sourcing the fruits, nuts, and milk for his superlative treats, and it’s his seasonal flavors that engender the most fervent of cult followings.

Often based on classic Italian desserts and featuring ingredients grown or hand-harvested by Sandro himself, they are unlike anything else in town, and we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Pinolo to create a luscious gelato using one of our own favorite ingredients: Sicilian olive oil. Produced by COPA Collective in the highlands of Monti Iblei, we’ve been importing Antheo DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil for over a decade, and its prominent grassiness and piquant fruity notes pair perfectly with Pinolo’s creamy gelato. But it’s only available for a limited time, so come pick up a pint at the shop and discover why Sandro’s gelato is routinely called the best on the west coast. The never-ending line of customers is testament that in a city absolutely bursting with ice cream shops, Pinolo truly stands apart.

Photo credit goes to Pinolo Gelato