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is your secret ingredient for real good food.

Make every meal delicious with our pantry staples from around the world.

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“For the love of everything that is holy, please use the good stuff!”

~ Jim Dixon
Founder, Real Good Food

Curious about olive oil? Jim explains the mysteries of fruitiness, bitterness, and pungency.

They’ve been saying good things about us for years

“Ask most chefs, and they’ll tell you the secret to making real good food is using real good ingredients. Jim Dixon is the man many of them turn to for those ingredients.”

“Here's a secret that's more of an opinion but that anyone who's bothered to learn how to cook for themselves knows is true: Often, the only thing separating your home kitchen from those of the city's finest restaurants is access to high-quality ingredients. As its name implies, Real Good Food is where you can get your hands on a few of them.”

“Hi again. I just wanted to rave about this week’s fresh box —the one with dumplings. OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IN THIS BOX IS AMAZING. 
That’s all. Carry on. Thank you for bringing deliciousness into my life.”
Kimberly, Fresh Box Subscriber

From our newsletter: Braised Chicken with Harissa & Olives

Fruity, smoky flavor that pairs well with briny green olives in this simple chicken dish.

Braised Chicken with Harissa & Olives

20 minutes prep
2 hours active cooking
2 1/3 hours total

Makes 4 - 6 servings

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Salt, Herbs, & Spices

Herby Harissa

New York ShukBrooklyn - New York
Pollinaria Organic
Olive Oil

Pollinaria Organic

PollinariaAbruzzo - Italy
Whole Tomatoes
Pasta & Tomatoes

Whole Tomatoes

Bianco di NapoliYolo Valley - California
Fine Sea Salt
Salt, Herbs, & Spices

Fine Sea Salt

NectonOlhão - Portugal

Your kitchen deserves a great pantry.

Everyday staples that are anything but ordinary.

Olive Oil

Don Alfonso

Don AlfonsoNaples - Italy

Real good recipes.

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