The Wellspent Market Food Guarantee

Look, customer service is our thing. If you have any problems with a product, our service, shipping, or really anything, just let us know. We will do whatever it takes to make it good, Real Good. And we aren’t going to ask you to send anything back to us. Let us help you, we like helping.

We won’t give you the turn around

No matter what the problem we’ll fix it, immediately, for Real.

Direct support

Everyone at Wellspent Market is authorized to make it right for you. You can always speak to a manager or owner, but you won’t need to talk to a supervisor to get something done at Wellspent Market.

Returns aren’t necessary

You don’t need to return anything. We want you to shop with us and try something new without worrying you'll have to put it in a box and ship it back if you aren’t into it.

No statute of limitations

If you bought something you don’t like awhile back, don’t worry. We will refund your money or replace it. We’ve got you.

Your taste matters

If you don’t like how something tastes, we get it. You’ll get a refund or something you’d like.

Our policy: we want you to be happy.

We really don’t have any “policies,” we just want you to be glad you shopped with us, period. If you want a replacement, it’s on the way. Would you like to try something else? Heck yeah, we have lots of delicious things. Our only request is that you give us some feedback so we can learn from the experience. Thank you, we listen.

This is for everyone

Maybe it was for you or maybe it was a gift, that’s great. We want everyone to be happy about our food and our customer service. If anything isn’t right, please contact our customer service, we want this to be great for you!

Getting it there on time

Currently we only offer ground shipping, if you need something sooner please reach out to us so we can take care of you.

To our Alaskan, Hawaiian, and Canadian friends, please understand that shipping to your regions may have additional costs. We will reach out to you upon placing your order, or let us know if you have any questions.

The whole enchilada (yum)

Our guarantee isn’t just for food. We promise your satisfaction with the entire experience with Wellspent Market. From coming into our store, to the first click on our website, to when we say hello on the phone, until that last drop of olive oil, we want you to be glad you shopped at Wellspent Market. But if you aren’t, we want to hear about it. We want to make you a happy Wellspent Customer.

Our return policy

No matter what the issue is , we aren’t going to ask you to return anything. If there is a problem, just send us an email at or give us a call at (503) 987-0828 and we will be ready to help!