Mikiko Mochi Donuts

Mochi, a chewy treat made from glutinous rice, has been used in sweets for centuries, but its use in donuts is relatively recent. After popular Japanese chain Mister Donut launched its “pon de ring” in 2003, the craze surrounding the uniquely Japanese-American hybrid spread to the US via Hawaii and eventually the mainland.

Emily Mikiko Strocher introduced her partner Alex McGillivray to mochi donuts during a trip home to Northern California, where her family has been making mochi every year for generations to celebrate the new year. When they returned to Portland, Alex and Emily got to scheming and launched Mikiko Mochi Donuts as a pop-up in February 2020. No one knew what was just around the corner, and as the world began to lock down in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple nimbly pivoted their new venture into a donut delivery service.

Eventually, they picked up some wholesale grocery accounts, and, in March of 2022, Alex and Emily were finally able to open a brick and mortar to properly show off their delectable treats. Now, boasting an array of innovative flavor combos, Mikiko is leading the local mochi donut revolution.