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Wok Legend's Seasoning Salt

Produced by Woon KitchenLos Angeles - California
A true family affair, Woon Kitchen began life as a pop-up before graduating to a brick and mortar space in LA’s historic Filipinotown last year. Founder Keegan Fong, along with his sister Andrea and their mother Julie, cooks authentic Shanghainese-Cantonese foods, inspired by the flavors of Julie’s childhood in China. Lucky for us, they’ve decided to bottle their supremely addictive sauces and seasonings so those of outside of Southern California might get a taste. Wok Legend’s Seasoning Salt is used to flavor Woon’s cult-favorite potato chips, and gets its deep umami hit from one of our favorite things: chicken fat! Sprinkle over eggs, rice, noodles, potatoes, and anything else that needs a little lift from the Wok Legend.

Wok Legend's Seasoning Salt


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