Wild Roots Farm

Mary Colombo and Brian Shipman came to farming because they love food. At their Wild Roots Farm–at the confluence of the Sandy and Colombia Rivers, just east of Portland–they grow over 200 varieties of vegetables that they deliver to restaurants, farmer’s markets, and nonprofits every week.

Committed to growing diverse and unique crops following organic practices, Wild Roots aims to deliver the most flavorful and nutrient-dense end-product, and they prioritize environmental health by using minimal tillage methods to foster living soils which in turn create thriving habitats for bees, birds, and other pollinator communities. Striking a balance between human-scale hand work and some mechanization, they source a mix of varieties with an emphasis on organically grown seed obtained from local and regional seed producers, and continuously strive to grow out the best new and old varieties.

Another specialty of Wild Roots is the wide variety of colorful radicchio and other chicories they grow (Mary and Brian are self-described “chicory ambassadors”) . They even traveled to Italy specifically to visit farms, seed companies, and other fellow chicory lovers to deepen their understanding of this truly wonderful vegetable. Their annual radicchio offerings are unparalleled, and we’re thrilled to share this unique and special harvest with you all season long, so be sure to stop into the shop and check out what's currently available in the Wild Roots fridge.

Photo credit goes to @wildrootsfarmers @arie.mary