Grand Re-Opening Party & Olive Oil Garage Sale

April 24, 2021

On a cool morning nearly 20 years ago, Jim rolled up the door of his garage, pushed the lawnmower out of the way, and set a few bottles of Don Alfonso extra virgin on a folding table. Friends and neighbors lined up in the driveway as Jim’s friend Cliff Allen pulled up in his People’s Pig food truck with a hot porchetta ready to be sliced for sandwiches. The first olive oil garage sale had begun.

Inspired by sagre, Italian food festivals, we celebrate with food, drink, and conversation among friends old and new. The crew from Piccone’s Corner will be grilling sausages, Mona and Jaret from Tournant will tend the open-fire paella, fizzy water from Rambler and Mill A cider will keep us hydrated, and Colibri flowers will brighten everything.