AAPI Heritage Month Event

May 22, 2021

While May might be Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, their contributions and influence on the way we live affect us all year long, especially in the kitchen and at the table. We stir fry our vegetables, put pineapple on pizza, and splash soy sauce on everything. Through our long relationships with suppliers, we learned how Robin Koda’s grandfather brought rice growing to California, and we were swept away by the umami tsunami of Earnest and Yuri Migaki’s Jorinji miso.

Join us in recognizing the contributions and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans Saturday in our parking lot. Bring your knives and garden tools for sharp new edges from Yohhei Sato of Sato Sharpening. Grab something tasty from Erik and Kana Hinohara Hanson from Fulamingo, a butter mochi from Daphne K. Jenkins, and some Filipino-style baked treats from Alexandria Guevarra of Allie G’s. Let Poppy & Finch decorate your table with one of Weina Dinata’s living centerpieces made from native plants and take home handmade pottery by ceramicist Jen Pak. We’re also the only place to get a bottle of the Pet Nat Sorta Summer Wine, made by our friends at Landmass using grapes grown in a Portland backyard.