Noah’s Go-To Breakfast Sando!

5 minutes prep 10 minutes active cooking 15 minutes total
Makes 1 serving

This sandwich is in regular rotation for my wife and I before work...

and I’m getting pretty good at timing it so the egg is cooking while the English muffin is toasting and both are ready at more or less the same time. We are a toast family, Kate’s comes from a long line of toast people, when we visit the in-laws there is no less than 4 types of bread available for toast, it’s very serious. I know some folks may griddle the muffin in a cast iron skillet swimming in salty butter and keep it warm in a low oven but that feels like a Saturday situation.

~ Noah Cable, Wellspent Owner

What You'll Need


For the shopping list

  • 1 English muffin
  • About 2 tablespoons of cheddar cheese
  • freshly ground pepper, to taste

From our shop

1 tablespoon of  Everyday Extra Virgin
$22.00– Chico - California
1 tablespoon of  Garlic Chili Crisp
$16.00– Seattle - Washington
1  Eggs - Farm Fresh
$8.50– Cloverdale - Oregon
To taste,  Italian Fine Sea Salt
$7.00– Trapani - Sicily
1/2 tablespoon of  Beurre de Baratte - Salted Butter
$13.00– Jura - France
1/2 tablespoon of  Caramelized Onion Jam
$7.00– Greece
To taste,  St. Augustine Style Hot Sauce
$12.00– Los Angeles - California


From the kitchen

  • toaster
  • cast iron skillet
  • spatula
  • grater

What you'll have to do

Step 1

Put your English muffin in the toaster.

Set a cast iron pan over medium heat, then add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of chili crunch. Let that sizzle for a moment, taking care to not let the chili crunch burn.

Step 2

Crack your egg onto the chili crunch, add salt and pepper, and fry until the whites are beginning to set. Puncture or lightly break the yolk, and flip the egg.

Step 3

Grate a couple of tablespoons of cheese over the top (you can be a little reckless here: any cheese that spills over from egg edge to pan creates a deeply flavorful bit of crusty, cheesy lace). When the cheese is melted to your liking, remove the egg from the pan and transfer to your prepared English muffin.

Step 4

When the toaster pops, spread both sides of your English muffin with butter, then spread the onion jam on one side.

Step 5

Place the egg on the “just butter,” side then drizzle with Zabs. Top with the other side of the English muffin and serve.

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