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Oregon Blackberry Honey

Produced by Oso Honey FarmPhilomath - Oregon

Beekeeper Henry Storch places his hives in remote locations throughout the Willamette Valley and Oregon Coast Range in an effort to deliver the most flavorful honey in the state. With a focus on pollinator genetics and insect health, Henry has worked to adapt his hives to our specific bioregion and ensuring his bees posses disease resistance, hygienic behavior, wing strength, and the ability to forage in cool temperatures. This wildflower honey is our favorite, as it's classic flavor profile works in a variety of applications and tastes as great in baked goods as it does drizzled over yogurt.


Oregon Blackberry Honey


Oso Honey Farm

Polymath honey farmer Henry Storch has been adapting his bee populations for our specific microclimates and producing a wide range of unique varietal honeys with strategically placed hives for over a decade. Used at some of Portland’s best restaurants and bakeries, Henry’s honey has developed a dedicated cult following for its uncommon depth and breadth of flavors.

Honey Popcorn

A childhood favorite updated for modern times, this salty/sweet popcorn is a movie-night hit.

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