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Russian Style Fresh Farmer Cheese

Produced by Gina MarieWillows - California

Cow's milk 

Also known as Tvorog, a more nutritious and versatile alternative to cream cheese. Use Farmer Cheese as a filling for blintzes, lasagna or filled pasta, make a cheesecake or other baked desserts, spread on toast or bagels, or use as a less salty alternative to feta on salads. Made with three simple ingredients cultured milk freshly sourced from local dairies, cream, and salt in the old fashioned way drained in muslin bags. I personally prefer it to cream cheese as it trades some sweetness and fat for a lighter airy tang with no sacrifice to depth of flavor and the added advantage of beneficial probiotic cultures. Pairs well with everything, fresh fruit, roasted veg, any color of wine, you name it.

Russian Style Fresh Farmer Cheese


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