Mill A Cider

"That old saying about the apple not falling far from the tree seems especially appropriate for my sons Joe and Tom, the founders of Mill A Cider. When they were growing up I cooked for them, but the only thing I tried to teach them about food was that they should stick to the good stuff. Like any parent, I was never sure if they were listening, but every time I drink their cider it makes me proud."

– Jim Dixon, WSM Founder

A never ending quest for the perfect portable "anytime" beverage led lifelong drinks enthusiast Joe Dixon to launch Mill A Cider in 2019. Named after his brother's family farm in Skamania County, Washington, and now run by Joe, his brother Tom, and fellow cider heads Nicole Sakai and Noah Cable, Mill A crafts contemporary West Coast-style cider for the modern age. Eschewing gimmicky flavors, the Mill A team works with multi-generational apple farmers in the heart of Washington's Yakima Valley, and their flagship release, Sunsetter, celebrates the complex character of America's favorite fruit. A touch funky, a little fruity, and refreshingly dry, Sunsetter is our ideal cider: it quenches the thirst after long hikes, goes down easy on the beach blanket, is great with food, and makes a stellar spritz foundation.

Photo credit goes to @mill_a_cider and @ianjwhitmore

Cider-braised Carrots

Those trees that Johnny Appleseed planted across early America grew fruit for making hard cider, a drink safer than water in those days. Old recipes using cider for cooking go back to the 1800s, when it was used for the same reason. While our water may be cleaner these days, using hard cider adds a subtle, fruity flavor to these simple braised carrots.