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Top Recipes of 2022

Wellspent Market was born of our love of cooking and hosting and (of course) Jim wanting regular access to great ingredients. We're constantly experimenting, trying new-to-us ideas and recommendations from friends, and sharing them with you. Here are our most popular recipes of 2022. You can find these and many more in the recipe section.

1 – Blood Orange Almond Olive Oil Cake

"I’m not much of a baker. Good bread is everywhere, and Portland pastry chefs make a lot of great desserts. When I do bake something sweet, it’s usually my standard olive oil cake. I’ll experiment with different flours or fruit, but the basic approach doesn’t change much. That was before I made this cake. It was so good I made it three times in one week. This cake is what I’ll be baking from now on."

~ Jim Dixon, founder Wellspent and Real Good Food

2 – Japanese-style Sticky Rice with Chicken and Cabbage

This one-pot Japanese-style dish called okowa layers sticky rice, chicken, and vegetables to steam in an umami-rich dashi broth.

3 – Nan’s Chocolate Cake with Richmond Frosting

Don’t wait for your birthday to eat this fluffy, rich chocolate sheet cake with the mystery frosting.

4 – Italian Potato Salad

To paraphrase Marcella, this Italian potato salad is “all about the potatoes.”

5 – Chicken & Cabbage Gumbo

Inspired by the simple foods of South Louisiana, this hearty soup will make you rethink chicken gumbo.

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