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Cage Free Chicken (Frozen)

Produced by Trent Family FarmsCloverdale - Oregon


Mike Trent’s family has been farming on the Oregon coast since his Austrian-immigrant great-grandparents settled in Neskowin in 1889. In 1928, Mike’s grandparents James and Emma moved to Cloverdale and established a dairy farm on the very site that Mike still farms today, now home to one goat, four dogs, a handful of donkeys, several heads of cattle, 100 head of sheep and over a dozen breeds of hen. Without a cage or warehouse in sight, Mike's hens run freely and feast on grass and insects, supplemented with a bit of soy-free, corn-free feed. Each whole chicken weighs approximately 3.75 pounds.

Cage Free Chicken (Frozen)


Trent Family Farms

Mike's life-long dedication to his craft shines through in the end product, and the care and consideration he gives his animals is evident in the high quality of the eggs, chickens and beef he sells.

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