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Piquette "Wine Like Beverage"

Produced by The MarignyWillamette Valley - Oregon
When wine is too much, and water is too little, there is Piquette. This "Wine Like Beverage" is made by re-fermenting the grape skins and stems after they are pressed, resulting in a highly-drinkable low-alcohol beverage that has been around since the dawn of time, but is experiencing a revival in the states in large part due to the efforts of willing experimentalists like the guys at the Marigny. Their take on Piquette was made by filling fermentation bins with pressed pomace (the leftover grape stuff mentioned above) and water and giving that combo a few days of maceration on skins. A small amount of underripe Pinot Gris juice was added to help adjust the acidity and general chemistry. This liquid was racked twice, filtered and professionally bottled with CO2 added. The result is a crisp, clean drink that straddles the line of many of our favorite things (flavored fizzy water, beer, vermouth spritzes), while being completely unique and decidedly its own thing. Open at lunch, at the park, in the sun, by the river, or wherever you'd like a drink but don't want to imbibe too much.

Piquette "Wine Like Beverage"


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