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Drink This Wine Orange

Produced by The MarignyMcMinnville - Oregon

Molly Baz and Andy Young bring us this "gluggable skin contact-y white" perfect for all of your summer parties. In case you’re not familiar, skin contact wine, AKA “orange” wine, is made by leaving white grape skins in contact with their juice during the fermentation process (that’s what gives the wine its distinctive orange hue and also lends a range of complex flavors and aromas in your cup). Notes of gummy peaches and grass, with structured-but-overbearing tannin and just a whisper of natty funk. 75% Riesling, 15% Pinot Gris, and 10% Sav Blanc; all three varietals underwent 9-21 days of fermentation on skins. Post fermentation, the tanks were drained and pressed primarily back to stainless steel, with 10% of the juice transitioning to a selection of neutral French Oak barrels.


Drink This Wine Orange


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The MarignyMcMinnville - Oregon