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Corn Fritters

Produced by Oma's TakeawayPortland - Oregon


Gado Gado and its sister restaurant Oma's Hideaway make some of Portland's most exciting food, and Chef Thomas Pisha-Duffly's creative riffs on Indonesian cuisine have been a hit with diners for a couple of years now. One of their most popular menu items is the Corn Fritters, which are sort of like giant hushpuppies shot through with a melange of mouthwatering Indonesian spices. Well, now it's easy to enjoy these addictive snacks at home: simply pull them out of the freezer and throw 'em in the oven, then serve them with sweet chili sauce or whatever other dipping sauce you like.

Corn Fritters

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Gado Gado + Oma's Hideaway

Fish sauce plays an important role in the cooking of the Indonesian archipelago, the inspiration for the food Thomas Pisha-Duffly cooks at his restaurants Gado Gado and Oma’s Hideaway.

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