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Produced by OgglioSicily - Italy

Giuseppe Trapani’s grandfather planted an olive grove more than a century ago in the Belice Valley of western Sicily. The olives, a cultivar called Nocellara del Belice, are hand-picked, then pressed the same day to make a fruity, pungent extra virgin olive oil with hints of tomato leaf. Use it for cooking, salads, and drizzling at the table.


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"Start with a couple of small bottles, and keep tasting until you find one you really like. Your food will taste better."

~ Jim Dixon, founder Wellspent and Real Good Food


Bold flavors abound when you finish with this oil. A real crowd pleaser.


Poised and stable, this oil is great for roasting.


We love this oil to sautee, taste through to the olive fruit flavors.

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