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Yuzu Olive Oil

Produced by O-MedAndalucia - Spain

O-Med grows olives and makes oil in southern Spain near Granada. Yuzu, a citrus fruit with hints of lime and orange but less acidic, gives this oil a subtle flavor that works well with seafood and simple salads. Pour some on a plate and use as a dip for dark chocolate.

Yuzu Olive Oil

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"Start with a couple of small bottles, and keep tasting until you find one you really like. Your food will taste better."

~ Jim Dixon, founder Wellspent and Real Good Food


Drizzle this oil onto your favorite dishes, you will love the complexity it brings.


Bold flavors abound when you finish with this oil. A real crowd pleaser.


Add this oil to your favorite sauce, and level up with it’s pronounced peppery pungency.

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