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La Ribota Chinato

Produced by La MirajaCastagnole Monferrato - Italy
The only fortified wine of its kind produced from the red grape variety Ruché, this digestivo is labeled as Vino Aromatizzato Alla China because it does not follow the same dictates as the more famous chinato from Barolo, where it was first developed by a pharmacist in the 1800s. The wild aromatics of Ruché marry with a host of herbs, spices, and botanicals, giving way to notes of quinine, citrus peel, and cardamom, and bears all the hallmarks of great fortified wine—past-ripened yet still vibrant fruit; delicately sweet and slightly bitter; and a spiced finish that warms the body and the soul. One of our very ways to end a meal.

La Ribota Chinato


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