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Jus Jus

Produced by Julia Sherman + Martha StoumenLos Angeles - California

Jus Jus - a collaboration between cook/author/artist Julia Sherman of Salad for President and natural winemaker Martha Stoumen - is the first ever low-alcohol sparkling natural wine inspired by traditional verjus, the non-alcoholic pressing of early season grapes. It's available in two variations: Day (3.5% ABV), and the slightly drier, barely boozier Night ( 6.5% ABV).

It's everything we love in a casual sparkling party wine: the tang of a sun-ripened kumquat, the heady aroma of honeysuckle in bloom, and the bright snap of a Bosc pear, all set afloat on dainty, champagne-like bubbles. Serve chilled on its own, or employ it in your favorite spritz recipe. Made from organic grapes in the style of a Pét-Nat, Jus Jus is fermented with wild yeast and has no added preservatives or sulfites.

Jus Jus


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