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Produced by CrociEmilia-Romagna - Italy

This bright, fizzy, skin-contact 100% Ortrugo from the Piacenza Hills has become one of our absolute favorites. Lubigo (or "landslide" in local dialect) is the name of the estate parcel for this wine, and the soils are sandy and limestone-based, rich in fossilized shells from its past life as an ocean bottom. Farming is completely organic, and everything is done by hand, including weeding and harvest. The fruit is destemmed and left to ferment spontaneously in vat, with around a week of maceration with the skins before pressing. After resting in vats through the winter, undergoing partial malolactic fermentation, it’s bottled in March with about 15 grams/liter of sugar remaining and with a tiny dose of sulfur. Re-fermentation begins as the spring air warms the cellar where the wine is held in bottle for a minimum of 10 months, finishing almost completely dry. It is not disgorged or filtered, and shows layers of complex flavors: lemon oil, green apple, and toasty bread, with a refreshingly dry and mineral-y finish.



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