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Salted Dorris Hazelnuts

Produced by Baird Family OrchardsDayton - Oregon

The Baird’s grow hazelnuts as well as stone fruits in Oregon’s wine country, and they’re regulars at the Portland Farmers Market. The Dorris hazelnut, named after the first Oregonians to grow filberts (as they’ve been known here for the last century), was developed at Oregon State University in response to a blight that threatened to destroy the state’s crop, which supplies most of the world’s hazelnuts. Larger than other varieties, the Dorris is great for baking or snacking.

Salted Dorris Hazelnuts

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Baird Family Orchards

Founded nearly 40 years ago with just a handful of fruit trees, the Baird family have been producing our favorite stone fruits and hazelnuts for decades.

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