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Vin d'Orange

Produced by Archival SpiritsPortland - Oregon
Based on a recipe from a century-old French winemaking manual, this classic Provencal-style aperitif has been tailored to the modern palate and reflects winemaker Alex Morrow's debut effort to revive lost and otherwise forgotten beverages from the Archives of winemaking history. Featuring a base of aromatic white wine infused with Seville oranges, coriander and rose petals alongside a host of other botanicals, it's an ideal opener to a great meal and and foundation for craft cocktails. Its balanced acid, touch of sweetness, and an assertively bitter finish make it perfect on the rocks or in a spritz; it also mixes brilliantly with gin, vodka, and whiskey, and is a natural pairing for citrus-forward tequila and mezcal drinks.

Vin d'Orange


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