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2021 Riesling

Produced by Alumbra CellarsDayton - Oregon
Oregon's only entirely Latino-owned-and-operated winery, Alumbra Cellars began when winemaker Elena Rodriguez's father Baudelio immigrated to the US from Durango, Mexico in the 70's. After a decade spent working the fields in the Willamette Valley, Baudelio was able to purchase acreage of his own, and planted vines on the property 20 years ago, which Elena now uses to make the family's wine. Their low-alcohol Riesling (10.5% abv) is off-dry and playful, is packed with floral aromatics and notes of lush stone fruit, juicy citrus, and lemon zest. Pair with smoked fish, tacos al pastor, or spicy green papaya salads.

2021 Riesling

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