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Culinary Breeding Network Tomato Tasting

September 11, 2021
Noon to 4pm
Wellspent Parking Lot - 935 NE Couch St. Portland, Oregon 97232

Join us Saturday for the world’s first dry farmed tomato festival. While Oregon has a rainy reputation, climate change brought severe drought to the state 20 years ago. We’ll all need to learn to live with less water, but it’s an existential issue for farmers. Dry farming makes agriculture possible when water is scarce; for tomatoes, it makes them taste better, too.

Dry farming restricts a plant's water intake, so its fruits wind up with less water content and a greater density of sugar and other flavor compounds. The best dry farmed tomatoes are less juicy but have dense, meaty flesh and intense flavor. But not every tomato benefits from dry farming. That’s why we need your help.

Growers working with Oregon State University researchers exploring dry-farming are trialing several tomato varieties to find out which grow well here in the PNW. They’ll have tomato tasting kits with easy instructions for tasting and reporting what you like and why. You’ll be helping local farmers choose the best tasting tomatoes for dry farming, conserve one of our most valuable resources, and become more sustainable.

Our friends from the Culinary Breeding Network will join us with hand-carved Italian marzipan molds, Tatti Stampa prints, and Moontea Artwork tea towels. We’ll be slinging cold drinks and tasty tomato treats. Join us in the parking lot from noon to 4 Saturday, September 11. 

Sparkling Wines from Landmass

August 21, 2021

Local faves Melaney and Malia of Landmass Wines will be popping up in our parking lot and pouring a whole bunch of sparkling wine including their newly released Sparkling Chenin. Hear their story, learn about their process, and discover why the Pacific Northwest is rapidly becoming one of the country's premier winemaking regions. Wellpsent founder Jim Dixon is bringing a few tasty, seasonal vegetable dishes, and Lauretta Jean's Kate McMillen will be on hand with sweet and savory pies.

Dina No Ceramic Sale

August 21, 2021

Beloved local clay genius Dina No is cleaning out 2 years worth of studio seconds, one-offs, and production samples before going on hiatus, and we'll have it ALL at Wellspent Market! If you know No, then you know this event is not to be missed! This will be the one and only time Dina does a blowout sale like this, and it will NOT be online, so come early or don't come at all... this will sell out faster than you think.

In addition to Dina's ceramics, we'll have Madre Linen + Vibrant Valley Farms with their stunning locally dyed textiles, local illustrator Camille Shu with beautiful prints, Ripe Cooperative's superlative frozen custard, and ice-cold beverages from Wellspent Market featuring a host of NA options, wine, and spritzes galore!

Photos via @dina_ceramic_soap @camille.shu @madrelinen

Cutter Cascadia Summer Release

August 18, 2021

Orange wine? Vertical tastings? Library selections? What does it all mean?! Join us to celebrate Cutter Cascadia's newest release, the beloved Heavy Water, and find out! Winemaker Michael Garafolo will be on hand pouring tastes from his private stash of library wines, secret magnums, and current vintages so you can see and taste for yourself the difference a year makes. Our buddies AstralPDX, Fulamingo and Ripe Cooperative will be popping up with tasty bites, and the whole thing should be quite the parking lot party.

Festa Italiana

June 12, 2021

Our obsession with Italy and la bella vita (the good life) started more than 20 years ago. Along with taking simple food seriously, spending time with friends and family, and just slowing down, la bella vita means appreciating the beauty of everyday life.

Join us to celebrate that everyday beauty at our first Festa Italiana, Saturday, June 12. We'll have sweet and savory treats from Sorbu Paninoteca and Pinolo Gelato, local organic produce from Wild Roots Farm, including some Italian specialities. Culinary Breeding Network will have imported radicchio seeds and hand-carved marzipan molds to make your house and garden tutto Italiano, along with vegetable starts, Kate Blairstone's vegetable-themed wrapping paper, prints from Italian artist Tatti Stampa, and more.

AAPI Heritage Month Event

May 22, 2021

While May might be Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, their contributions and influence on the way we live affect us all year long, especially in the kitchen and at the table. We stir fry our vegetables, put pineapple on pizza, and splash soy sauce on everything. Through our long relationships with suppliers, we learned how Robin Koda’s grandfather brought rice growing to California, and we were swept away by the umami tsunami of Earnest and Yuri Migaki’s Jorinji miso. 

Join us in recognizing the contributions and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans Saturday in our parking lot. Bring your knives and garden tools for sharp new edges from Yohhei Sato of Sato Sharpening. Grab something tasty from Erik and Kana Hinohara Hanson from Fulamingo, a butter mochi from Daphne K. Jenkins, and some Filipino-style baked treats from Alexandria Guevarra of Allie G’s. Let Poppy & Finch decorate your table with one of Weina Dinata’s living centerpieces made from native plants and take home handmade pottery by ceramicist Jen Pak. We’re also the only place to get a bottle of the Pet Nat Sorta Summer Wine, made by our friends at Landmass using grapes grown in a Portland backyard.

Grand Re-Opening Party & Olive Oil Garage Sale

April 24, 2021

On a cool morning nearly 20 years ago, Jim rolled up the door of his garage, pushed the lawnmower out of the way, and set a few bottles of Don Alfonso extra virgin on a folding table. Friends and neighbors lined up in the driveway as Jim’s friend Cliff Allen pulled up in his People’s Pig food truck with a hot porchetta ready to be sliced for sandwiches. The first olive oil garage sale had begun.

Inspired by sagre, Italian food festivals, we celebrate with food, drink, and conversation among friends old and new. The crew from Piccone’s Corner will be grilling sausages, Mona and Jaret from Tournant will tend the open-fire paella, fizzy water from Rambler and Mill A cider will keep us hydrated, and Colibri flowers will brighten everything.