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Local delivery & curbside pickup

We want you to stay safe, so we’re offering curbside pickup in our parking lot and home delivery. You’ll still be able to get extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, vinegar, and condiments along with pantry staples like beans, rice, and pasta, but you’ll have to shop a little differently.

Local delivery

1. Place your order online.

2. Make your shipping selection.
 Choose Local Delivery

You’ll receive an order confirmation via email.

Delivery is available from Vancouver to Wilsonville, Hillsboro to Gresham. 

The minimum order is $50, with a $10 delivery fee.

We offer free delivery to orders over $100.

3. We’ll deliver to you. You'll receive a text when your order has been delivered.

We offer delivery on Mondays and Fridays. Orders must be received by 5pm Sunday for Monday delivery, and by 5pm Thursday for Friday delivery.

Curbside pickup

1. Place your order

2. Make your shipping selection.
 Choose Curbside Pickup. You’ll receive an order confirmation via email. 
Once your order is ready to be picked up, you’ll receive a text and/or email letting you know your order is ready!

3. Pick up your order!
Pick up your order from our parking lot (935 NE Couch)

Curbside pickup is available Monday - Sunday, from 11am - 7pm

*If you do not pickup your order within 2 months, we will re-shelve the products in your order and issue you a gift card for the amount originally spent.

Some things to consider

Local delivery is currently for Oregon (within 10 miles of Portland) residents only. 
Live outside of Portland (or Oregon?) We’ll gladly ship, just select UPS ground for shipping.
We can’t ship wine and vermouth outside of Oregon at this time (we're working on it!).
We offer a few items that are kept refrigerated, but they can be transported at ambient temperatures. If you order any of them, be sure you’ll be home when your order is delivered.
Have questions? Email us at 
Have more questions? Want to talk to a person? We want to talk to you! Please give us a call 503-987-0828. We want to make this an easy process for you.