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Holiday Gift Guide

That old cliche is right: it’s the thought that counts. And if you’re like us, you’re usually thinking about food. Show someone you love how to make life better with a delicious gift. Whether you’re shopping for a dedicated cook or an enthusiastic eater, we’ve got you covered.

From Portland with Love

A round-up of products from some of our favorite local producers, this collection highlights what makes Portland’s food scene so special. Flavorful cooking sauces, multi-purpose condiments and our famous local sea salt ensure you have a taste of the NW no matter where you are.

Ayers Creek Bundle

Anthony and Carol Boutard grow a wide variety of beans, fruit, grains, and corn on their farm in Gaston, Oregon. Fanatical seed savers, they painstakingly select seed from the best plants in their crops to ensure superlative flavor year after year. We've collected 3 of our must-haves from Ayers Creek, including jam, popcorn, and (of course) beans.

Olive Oil Lovers Collection

Most people don't know that there are as many types of olives as there are grapes, and that like wine, olive oil spans a vast spectrum of flavor profiles. There are smooth, rich olive oils, perfect for poaching fish and delicate vegetables, and sharp, grassy oils that really pop when drizzled over bread or simple pastas. Our Olive Oil Lovers collection highlights the three oils we use most often in our own kitchens.

Real Good Food Canvas Tote

We collaborated with local designer Ethan Goldblatt to create our ideal market bag, big enough to be eminently useful but not so big as to become unwieldy when loaded up. Custom collapsible dividers sewn in along the bottom are perfect for keeping glass bottles of wine, olive oil and vinegar safe and sound and standing upright.

West Coast Female Founders Collection

A collection of products from some of our favorite Women-owned companies on the West (Best) Coast, this box highlights some of the US's most exciting new food producers. Featuring our favorite chili oil, heirloom rice, cooking sauces, condiments and tea, all impeccably sourced and absolutely delicious.

Everything Except the Kitchen Sink

Take your pantry to the next level! We’ve hand picked a selection of our favorite staples to ensure your pantry is up to any task, from our favorite extra virgin olive oils and heirloom vinegars to flavorful cooking sauces and dynamic condiments. Whether you're building out your pantry for the first time or just looking for the ultimate "glow-up," this collection has you covered... it even includes our limited edition tote bag for trips to the farmer's market!

Digital Wellspent Gift Card

We want you to be able to use your gift card immediately or share it with a friend. Rather than mail you a physical card, you’ll receive a unique electronic code. This code never expires and can be used when you make your online purchase.